Beef Cutting Instructions

Filling your freezer with premium Western Colorado beef starts with you! Fill out our cutting instructions form to begin the process.

***Each beef's weight differs as does the market price per pound. We will contact you after you submit our form. You can also call us directly for current price per pound and an estimate for your next beef purchase.

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Beef Cutting Instructions
Beef Quantity
Split quarters are slightly less desirable as there aren't 4 equal parts of the animal incurring a fee due to additional attention from the meat processor.


T-Bone with/without bones?
This will also apply to the sirloin steaks below.


Ribeye Options
Steaks cut to thickness selected above.
Ribeye with/without bones?


Bone-in or Boneless selected with T-Bone option above.
Sirloin Tip Options
Sirloin Steak Tenderizing Options

Round Steak


Check each requested roast
Any unchecked roasts options will be added to burger grind.

Ground Beef Hamburger

Standard grind is 80% lean. Patties are an additional $1/lb (30 lbs minimum).

Additional Options

Flank, Skirt, and Oxtail not available on 1/4(split quarter)
Check each additional option requested.