Welcome to Clarke Livestock, a cherished family-owned and operated ranch nestled in the stunning landscapes of Western Colorado. For decades, we have dedicated ourselves to the art of raising premium-quality beef, upholding the legacy of our ancestors, and embracing the cowboy way of life.

At Clarke Livestock, we believe that exceptional genetics are the foundation of extraordinary beef. Through careful selective breeding and meticulous attention to detail, we have cultivated a herd renowned for its superior quality and robust flavor. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards ensures that every cut of meat that reaches your table is nothing short of exceptional.

But our dedication doesn’t stop at genetics alone. We also embrace traditional and holistic practices, rooted in centuries-old wisdom. Our cattle roam freely across our vast, idyllic pastures, grazing on the lush natural foliage that blankets our land. By prioritizing their well-being and allowing them to live in harmony with the environment, we ensure the sustainability of our ranching practices and the continued health of our cattle.

We take immense pride in knowing that our efforts from hoof to home result in nutritious and delicious beef that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. At Clarke Livestock, providing you with wholesome and flavorful beef is not just a responsibility; it’s the passion that drives us every day.

From the moment our calves are born to the time our beef reaches your plate, we handle every step of the process with care, precision, and respect for the land and animals. Our devoted team of experienced cowboys and cowgirls work tirelessly to deliver excellence in every aspect of our operation. Their unwavering commitment to the cowboy way, characterized by honor, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence, ensures that our beef remains second to none.

As you savor each bite of Clarke Livestock beef, you can take comfort in the knowledge that you are not only indulging in a delicious culinary experience but also supporting a family legacy built on passion, hard work, and a deep love for the land. We invite you to join us on this journey and taste the unparalleled quality of beef that is the pride of our lives.