Clarke Livestock


We are proud to provide safe, nutritious beef while balancing environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability.

The Tradition


Some folks just don't get it.
They think owning cattle makes no sense.
It takes too much time, too much equipment,
not to mention the expense.

But the fondest memories of my life
- they might think sound funny -
were made possible by Mom and Dad,
'cause they spent the time and spent the money.

You see, the most important lessons
helping values grow so strong,
come from loving cattle
and passing that tradition on.

~unknown artist

Get to Know Clarke Livestock


Clarke Livestock is a family-owned and operated ranch and beef producer throughout Western Colorado. We pride ourselves in exceptional genetics, traditional and holistic practices, and an undying commitment to the cowboy way. Our beef, from hoof to your home, is second to none. Providing nutritious and delicious beef to you is the pride of our lives.

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